Choosing the right type of lights for a sales counter is an important aspect in terms of sales figures. It also has a great impact on the comfort of customers and shop assistants. For this reason, the lighting used at sales counters should be chosen based on a set of guidelines.

  • What should the characteristics of shop lighting be?
  • Will LED lights be suitable for a shop?
  • Types of luminaires for sales counters.

What should the characteristics of shop lighting be? – LED luminaires

Purchasing decisions in shopping facilities are significantly affected by attractive and appropriately selected lamps. Therefore, in order to maintain a high quality of lighting it is necessary to ensure the requirements concerning its individual parameters are met. The basic terms that are essential when choosing lighting for showrooms are:

jaki panel led do biura wybrać

Glare factor UGR (<18)

jaki panel led do biura


barwa światła na hali produkcyjnej

Colour temperature

typy lamp do stanowiska sprzedażowego

Energy-saving solutions

wymagane oświetlenie magazynu

Colour rendering index CRI (>80)

These are, of course, only the most important ones. Each parameter should be matched to the room,the sales counter and the product on display. 

Will LED lamps be suitable for general and workplace lighting in a shop?

Replacing traditional fluorescent lamps with energy-efficient LED luminaires is a guarantee of the many benefits in shop lighting. LED lamps are characterised by a high colour rendering index, making them ideal for general and spot lighting. This type of lighting, in contrast to the use of conventional incandescent lamps, generates a pleasant light for the customer and employee, reflecting the parameters of daylight. This is conducive to effective work as well as comfort for people in the retail space.

jakie lampy do stanowiska sprzedażowego

Lamps for sales counters – types.

There is no definite answer to the question of which lamps are best for a sales counter. It depends on where they are used and what products are being offered. LED lighting includes:

  • Pendant lamps, mounted on slings,
    e.g. linear luminaires of the Trunking LED type
  • surface-mounted industrial luminaires,
  • floor lamps,
  • light sources designed for installation in suspended ceilings,
  • special-purpose lamps designed for precise work,

as well as other solutions. Note that shop, as well as warehouse lighting, can be provided with control solutions that can adjust the illuminance and save even more energy.

Check out the LED shop lighting offered by Luxon. Contact us and we will help you choose suitable light sources for the products you offer!

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