The first step when upgrading lighting, in the case of existing road infrastructure, is a street lighting audit. It covers a number of aspects aimed at showing the potential solutions and energy savings to be achieved. The following are the key issues to consider:

  • who can do it?
  • what activities are involved?

Lighting energy audit – who can do it?

Working out the concept and installation of a new lighting infrastructure requires a number of steps. These are usually dealt with by third-party contractors for an overall lighting upgrade. They can also be design companies, as well as LED lighting manufacturers that have audits in their range of services.

how to perform a street lighting audit

Stages of the street lighting audit

Activities preceding the installation of new energy-efficient light sources include a wide range of works. To this end, it is good to ask the question how to perform a street lighting audit.

wymiana oświetlenia dofinansowanie

At the outset, the condition of the existing conventional light sources and other infrastructure is analysed. Technical specifications and energy consumption figures of the existing lighting system are identified. Based on that, calculations are made of the cost of electricity generated by street lighting sources.

wymiana oświetlenia na led dofinansowanie

Another step in the street lighting audit involves making the design. It is the basis for determining the savings that can be generated by the lighting upgrade. The value of the project and reduction of energy consumption by LED luminaires allow the return on investment (ROI) to be determined.

dofinansowanie na oświetlenie led

The energy efficiency audit can also establish the reduction of CO2 emissions. This makes it possible to determine the environmental impact of LED lighting. Moreover, to further contribute to energy reduction, the street lighting audit includes a proposal for the control of street lights.

jak przeprowadzić audyt oświetlenia ulicznego

Does an indoor and outdoor lighting audit include the same steps as a street lighting audit?

Knowing how to perform a street lighting audit, you can follow the same approach when performing an indoor and outdoor lighting audit. They all aim to use LED luminaires to increase energy efficiency and reduce the cost of street lighting maintenance.

If you are thinking of upgrading your street lighting, email us! We will carry out an audit for you and help you choose the best light sources.

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