The replacement of existing luminaires is preceded by an audit, which consists of the measurement of illuminance. This is a critical part of the the replacement of light sources with LED luminaires.

  • What are the illuminance measurements for?
  • What do they affect?

The answer to these and other questions can be found in the following paragraphs.

Illuminance measurement and energy audit

During the lighting upgrade project,there are a number of steps that need to be taken. The first of these is an energy audit, which includes:

  • verification of the existing luminaires, including illuminance measurements
  • indicating possible solutions,
  • operating costs of the installed light sources,
  • new system design,
  • electricity savings.
jak wykonać pomiar natężenia oświetlenia

Based on that, the relevance and the impact of the replacement of industrial and workplace lamps on the lighting of workplaces is verified

Workplace comfort and related lighting measurements

Replacing outdated light sources with industrial lamps based on LED technology brings with it a number of benefits. It goes without saying that lighting upgrades are done to improve energy efficiency. However, building owners are increasingly investing in this technology in order to improve the comfort of the workplace. The EN 12464-1 standard recommends illuminance values for indoor spaces and workplaces with precision equipment that must be operated by an employee. For this reason, it is necessary to perform illuminance measurements.

jakie normy musi spełniać oświetlenie magazynowe

Photometric solids in the context of illuminance measurements

As is well known, workplaces should be illuminated with light of adequate parameters, while consuming as little electricity as possible. In order to verify this, photometric measurements are carried out. They consist of measuring the illuminance at the surface of workplaces. An integral part of the design documentation is a simulation of the lighting scene, which is prepared in dedicated software and compared with the results of the audit. Thanks to this process, it is possible to determine how much light will fall on a given work area, and thus to provide appropriately adapted lighting. Consequently, it will have the benefit of increased employee efficiency at a givenworkplace.

pomiar natężenia oświetlenia jak wykonać

Luxon performs free power supply system audits that include illuminance measurement. Do your want to find out more? Contact our representative!


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