The purpose of the luminaire is crucial in determining what colour of light will be the best solution for street lighting. Due to the wide range of colour temperatures offered, LED lamps have an advantage in this case.

The following article answers the questions:

  • Street lighting vs. colour of light – what colour to choose?
  • What colour temperature to use at pedestrian crossings?
  • Does the colour of light affect the environment?

Warm light or neutral light – which is better for infrastructure lighting?

Traditional sodium light sources are being increasingly replaced by LED street lighting. LEDs currently used in luminaires with different colour temperatures are available. This makes it possible to choose the colour of the light according to the purpose of the area.

jaka barwa światła w oświetleniu ulicznym

Cold light favours the concentration of drivers and other users.

oświetlenie uliczne barwa światła

Neutral colours best reflect daylight.

oświetlenie uliczne jaka barwa światła

A warm colour temperature is beneficial to the well-being and health of those directly exposed to the light.

So, what colour should we choose for street lighting?

Traditional sources, i.e. sodium lamps, emit yellow light. Their temperature is well below 2500 K, which adversely affects the quality of vision. On the other hand, a cool colour, usually with a high share of blue light, may cause hormonal disorders in the human body. For this reason, lamps that generate cold light are not recommended for use in urban areas. A compromise is made with light sources that emit a neutral colour, i.e. around 4000 K. This is the closest to natural light and therefore is beneficial to the comfort and safety of users.

natężenie światła do pracy biurowej
jak wybrać prawidłową barwę światła na halę produkcyjną

What colour light is best for pedestrian crossing areas?

oświetlenie uliczne a barwa światła

Landmarks in the road infrastructure, such as pedestrian crossings and intersections, require an appropriate design. Lighting, and in particular its colour, is of great importance when safety is at stake. At pedestrian crossings, a cooler colour temperature than that of the road lighting, i.e. above 4000K, is preferable. This has to do with highlighting the area by providing a high contrast between the pedestrian and the background. Luminaires with higher light intensity are also used for this purpose.

jaka barwa światła do oświetlenia ulicznego

LED street lighting vs. the environment

The type of light and its colour have a significant impact on the surrounding nature. Animals, just like people, react negatively to prolonged direct exposure to artificial light, especially a cold light. This type of lighting can have an adverse effect on the biological clock and cause sleeping problems.

Note also that properly selected LED lighting ensures lower energy consumption through a higher light efficiency factor than sodium lamps. The longer service life of LED luminaires should also be taken into account. This helps preserve the environment.

jaką barwę dobrać w oświetleniu ulicznym
Oświetlenie drogowe z interoperacyjnym systemem sterowania

Not sure what colour to choose for street lighting? Contact us and our designers will select light sources appropriate to the road area.

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