A modern city is a safe city, and safety on the streets is closely related to the use of proper lighting. The authorities of Wrocław are investing in new solutions in line with the Smart Cityphilosophy to increase the comfort of both drivers and pedestrians. This required road luminaires with a control system to be installed on Jordanowska street while it is being reconstructed. The project was completed in accordance with the guidelines of the Municipal Roads and City Maintenance Authroity that focused in particular on the operational safety of street lamps, energy efficiency and integration with other systems.


The project was implemented as part of a long-term cooperation of the City of Wrocław with managers, owners and contractors in the field of street lighting.

Project video

Watch a short video in which Marcin Oleszowski explains the functionalities of the installed Smart City Lighting system.

Benefits for the city:

Ikona systemu sterowania oświetleniem DALI - Luxon LED

Interoperable and wireless DALI lighting control system

jak sterować oświetleniem ulicznym

Increasing safety in the road area

Bezpieczeństwo - zastosowanie protokołu DALI

LED lighting in compliance with the applicable standards

Compare the day and night effect – move the line in the middle of the photo

What challenges did we face during the implementation of street lighting?

Road safety in combination with a flexible control system

Wrocław is the fifth largest city in Poland in terms of occupied area, so it has a very extensive street infrastructure, and various street lighting solutions in place. Therefore, the key focus of the project was to ensure full integrationof the new lighting system with the existing ones, located in different parts of the city. Successfull cooperation also required the flexibility and scalability of the solution to make it possible to add further functionalities at a later time.

We completed extensive works and adopted a number of innovative solutions

LUXON SMART CITY PLATFORM – innovative lighting control for street infrastructure

The project was completed using Cordoba LED luminaires with a 10-year warranty, which can be used on streets of any type. The colour of the light is neutral, which improves visibility on the road and in its surroundings. In addition, the luminaires are equipped with controllers built in to their housings, so that they are invisible from the outside and do not interfere with the visual effect of the project. An important aspect is also the use of the 868 MHz band so the vegetation nerby does not significantly affect data transmission between the lamp, and their communication range is definitely greater.

The management of individual luminaires and groups of them is an important element affecting the operational safety and energy efficiency of street infrastructure. That is why we used the LUXON SMART CITY PLATFORMhere, i.e. a control system that allows you to operate up to 16,000 street luminaires at the same time. Moreover, the systems, when connected, can make extensive networks managing up to 4 million street lights. Each of the devices can connect to the system using sensors or other elements equipped with the DALI communication protocol. Thanks to that, Smart Lighting activities are implemented under the Smart City philosophy, i.e. more effective, cost-effective and harmonious management of lighting resources in the city.

The final point of the project was to help launch the system and show all its functionalities.

What are the benefits of using LED lighting with a control system?

  • Increased safety on the road and in its surroundings
  • Energy-efficient lighting with neutral colour
  • Long, 10-year luminaire warranty
  • Interoperable control system
  • Possibility of remote and flexible light management
  • Messages of the status of luminaires and their failures

We designed and developed the wireless control system to be versatile and available not only to urban solutions, but also for traffic and transport management systems, as well as lighting on national roads, expressways and motorways.

Marcin Oleszowski -

Marcin Oleszowski
Street Lighting Market Manager

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