One of the tools used to improve the efficiency of employees and increase their comfort at work is the appropriate lighting of the production hall. More and more companies are investing in this scenario. The benefits that a comprehensive lighting upgrade and optimally selected industrial lamps can have are presented through a sample project.

You will find out:

  • what requirements are often set by the investor
  • what a lighting design in the hall should take into account
  • what benefits the installation of industrial LED luminaires has

Lghting of a production hall in response to the investor’s requirements

Equipping a new industrial building with LED luminaires, or the replacement of industrial lamps can involve some of the business ownr’s requirements. This was also the case with this project. The hall upgrade included the replacement of almost 250 lamps. The principal requirements of the investor included:

projekt oświetlenia hali produkcyjnej

Reduction of CO2 generated

projekt oświetlenia hali

Reduction of electricity consumption

projekt oświetlenia na hali produkcyjnej

Uniform lighting of working areas

Hall lighting design taking into account the nature of the plant and the type of work performed

The replacement of light sources is based on an analysis of the company’s activities. For this purpose, it was necessary to carry out the lighting audit. The good condition of the existing wiring made it possible to design a new lighting system based on the existing components.

projekt oświetlenia na hali

Proper lighting of workplaces was a premise that had to be taken into account in the lighting design of the production hall. This is particularly important for reducing unwanted incidents. In addition, the right lighting intensity ensures comfortable vision and increases employee efficiency. To this end, when developing the concept, we took into account the requirements of PN EN 12464 1. The technical conditions of the building were also taken into consideration during the project. As a result, the workplaces and their work surfaces have been illuminated with a uniform light of a higher intensity. The lighting design of the hall takes into account the type of work performed and the nature of the plant. This has helped to eliminate mistakes made by employees by 15-20% per month.

oświetlenie hali produkcyjnej projekt
oświetlenie hali projekt

LED lighting for the production hall saves money

The main reason for the comprehensive upgrade is to reduce energy consumption for lighting in industrial halls. This is due to the fact that electricity prices are constantly rising, thereby increasing the cost of ownership.

jak obniżyć koszty energii elektrycznej w przedsiębiorstwie

In this particular facility, the new hall lighting system was implemented using Trunking LED light lines equipped with DALI control. As a result, the annual reduction of electricity used for lighting was 65%. This shows that LED lighting in a production hall can also be a source of savings. In addition, the lighting upgrade can reduce CO2 emissions by more than 50 tonnes per year.

Production hall lighting design vs. LED lamp attributes

The lighting of industrial facilities must take into account not only their performance characteristics, but also a number of basic luminaire parameters. These include:

barwa światła na hali produkcyjnej

Appropriate light colour

jaki panel led do biura

The LED lamp luminous flux reflecting the light intensity

wymagane oświetlenie magazynu

High colour rendering index

oświetlenie na hali produkcyjnej projekt

Furthermore, in the case of this project, the installed luminaires had to provide a good luminance distribution in the visual task field and around the area. This was to reduce signs of fatigue. On the other hand, the correct positioning of the light sources, combined with the appropriate optics of the luminaires using LED technology, makes it possible to eliminate the glare effect. This, in turn, contributes directly to improving the productivity of the workers in the production halls. We have taken all this into account in the lighting design of the hall.

jaki panel led do biura wybrać

See our other projects. You can find them on the blog. Email us if you are wondering what benefits you could have from modernising lighting in your company!

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