When planning the purchase of luminaires, you should first establish where they will be installed. This largely determines what requirements a specific light source has to meet. To verify whether a product is suitable for a given area, attention should be drawn to markings on the luminaires and their packaging.

oznaczenia graficzne opraw oświetleniowych

Graphical identification of lighting products

The most common method of lighting product identification is with graphical design. Their distinguishing features and certificates are indicated this way.

oznaczenia na oprawach oświetleniowych

The first of these is safety of useor the protection class. It qualifies the luminaire to a given group in terms of electric shock protection.

You can often notice the ingress protection rating. This is indicated by the IP symbol followed by two digits. The first digit indicates the safety level of the luminaire against the ingress of solid objects into the lamp. The second indicates the device protection from water and moisture.

oznaczenia opraw oświetleniowych

Another marking of the luminaires is the impact resistance.. The mechanical resistance class is described by the IK rating. It can take values from 00 for total sensitivity up to 10 when it has the impact resistance of 20 J (Joules).

Certificates and declarations of the luminaries

Luminaire markings also include certificates and various declarations issued for a specific lamp.

oznaczenia oprawy oświetleniowej

The most common of these is the CE declaration. It certifies that the European legislation was complied with during the design and manufacture of the product.

The luminaire may also be provided with the ENEC certificate. It is an additional certificate of conformity to prove that the process of creating a given product complies with the relevant European standards.

These are the most important graphical designations of luminaires. In addition to that, you can also find information on the power ratings,i.e. the system voltage and frequency. Others, e.g. light source symbols in the lamp provide additional details.

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