LED panel 60×60 cm designed for suspended and modular ceilings, with the option for surface-mounted and recessed installation, providing efficiency up to 142 lm/W and comfortable lighting thanks to a low UGR index.

For high work comfort
in office.


Office luminaires


means high comfort of use.

SQLight LED 1.0 is a high-quality LED panel lighting solution designed for modular ceilings with dimensions of 60×60 cm. This ultra-thin and elegant panel seamlessly integrates into modern interiors, offering even and eye-friendly light dispersion. Utilizing LED technology, the panel conserves energy and provides long-lasting, reliable illumination without the flickering effect.


The fixture comes in various versions: suspended with cables of different lengths, surface-mounted, and specially designed for plasterboard ceilings with unique frames available as accessories.


With a power range from 19 to 40 W and an efficiency of up to 142 lm/W, SQLight LED 1.0 is perfect for offices, conference rooms, retail spaces, and clinics, ensuring a comfortable working and relaxation environment. Easy to install and compatible with most modular ceilings, it’s not just practical but also aesthetically pleasing. Choose quality and contemporary design with SQLight LED 1.0.

Product Available in multiple configurations

Low UGR means high comfort of use.
Easy and universal assembly.
High aesthetics of the luminaire
Very low glare rating for comfortable use.
Office, Commercial buildings, Social rooms, Public facilities, Communication routes
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Customized solutions including the selection of LED luminaires with natural, homogeneous light tailored to the design of the building.

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Improving work comfort
in office – SQLight

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SQLight LED is a is a ceiling LED panel with edge-mounted LEDs. Thanks to this, you get lighting uniformity, without visible LED points. Low UGR allows you to avoid the effect of glare, which causes discomfort.

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