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Lumiline LED
Multifunctional system
of light lines.


Commercial lighting

Lumiline LED

Optimal solution
for large-area stores
and warehouses.

Lumiline:LED is a system of light lines that replaces fluorescent lamps. The luminaires come in two lengths: 1.7 and 2.8 meters – they allow flexible adaptation to any project. The choice of four different photometric distribution versions allows precise selection of light distribution depending on the application. Applications cover both large-area stores as well as high-storage warehouses. [Application both in large-area stores as well as in high-storage warehouses]


Luminaire lifetime of minimum 50,000h and system efficiency of 160 lm/W combined with the stability of the color temperature <3 SDCM make Lumiline a Bright Example.

Product Available in multiple configurations

Lumiline technical drawing
Connecting into light lines possible
High luminous efficacy guarantees maximal energy savings.
High luminous flux
High-quality anodised profile ensures durability
Commercial buildings, Exposure lighting, Warehouse halls, Industrial halls
Technology and Certifications

Light lines provide better work comfort for warehouse workers.


How to reduce energy consumption by 40% while increasing light intensity by 50%?

+50 %

A high increase in the level of intensity on the site in the interests of the safety and comfort of employees.

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Lumiline:LED is a line system with luminous efficacy up to 160 lm/W and lifetime of 50000 h

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Lumiline:LED is a system that allows creating consistent light lines of any length. The channel has a seamless structure, thanks to which the luminaires are joined together without any visible contact points. The entire structure creates an extremely functional effect with high aesthetics.

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Luxon is the fastest growing lighting manufacturer in Europe according to Deloitte.

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Luxon Sp. z o.o
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Luxon is the fastest growing lighting manufacturer in Europe, according to Deloitte.

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