An ideal solution for specialized applications in agriculture and warehouses. Its exceptional luminous efficiency reaching 150 lm/W ensures energy efficiency and resilience to challenging conditions, including extreme environmental factors.

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Intubon LED

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Intubon LED

The latest generation of
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hermetic luminaire.

Intubon LED is a luminaire that is used in breeding facilities, warehouses and underground garages. Perfect for, among others, poultry farming, cattle breeding, pig farming. Its several mounting variants will make it easier for you to adjust the luminaire to the structure of the object.

Intubon LED is characterized by high resistance to external factors, including high temperatures up to 40°C and low temperatures down to -30°C, dust and chemicals. The luminaire’s high luminous efficiency of up to 150 lm/W means that it is energy efficient and provides precise lighting with minimal energy consumption. This is important both from the point of view of energy saving and sustainable development.

The reliability of this luminaire is also influenced by: high protection IP69K, high impact resistance IK10 and branded components from which it was made. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the luminaire will work stably and effectively for a long time.

Available in different configurations

*Depending on the lens used, the power of the light beam changes.

Available product options:

DALI controls





Version without the lens

Transparent PC diffuser


Matte PC diffuser

High protection IP69K
High luminous efficiency up to 150Lm/W
Several mounting options
Branded components
High impact resistance IK10
High resistance to external factors
Breeding facilities, Pig breeding, Cattle breeding, Underground garages, Warehouses
Technology and certifications

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“The modernisation of the lighting was primarily intended to contribute to savings, thanks to LED luminaires, which are part of the extensive action plan of the CIECH Group. This is related to the indirect reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, and is directly related to our ESG strategy, which is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”


Tomasz Molenda,
President of the Management Board of CIECH Soda Polska

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