Perfectly illuminate every corner of your warehouse with the unique 40°X90° lens of Industrial 6 OP.

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Industrial LED OP

Perfect hermetic luminaire


Industrial luminaires

Industrial LED

The latest generation of
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hermetic luminaire.

Industrial 6 OP is a modern LED fixture designed for demanding industrial spaces. With power versions of 47W and 70W, it’s the perfect solution for areas requiring efficient and focused lighting. Its unique 40°X90° lens has been specially designed for warehouse aisles, perfectly illuminating the upper parts of the shelves while ensuring even lighting throughout the aisle. With it, you can be sure that every corner of your warehouse will be properly lit. Moreover, for your peace of mind, we offer a warranty of 5 or 8 years, confirming our commitment to the quality and durability of our products.

Available in different configurations

*Depending on the lens used, the power of the light beam changes.

Available product options:

DALI controls

Back-up module

Quick connector



Different optic versions

-25°C ÷ +40°C


0°C do +30°C

Diffuser made of PC

Body material made of PC

Rysunek oprawy Industrial 2 - Luxon LED
High luminous efficacy – 180lm / W.
High protection class IP66
Quick and easy installation
Branded components
Warranty up to 10 years
High operating temperature range
Production halls, high-bay warehouse / high storage warehouse, Social spaces / Social rooms, Technical rooms / Technical spaces, Underground garages, Warehouses
Technology and certifications
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„We approached the project in a personalized way to meet all expectations – reducing energy consumption above 50% and increasing the light intensity at workplaces.”


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Industrial:LED is an alternative to traditional hermetic fluorescent luminaires.

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Industrial:LED is the best hermetic luminairededicated to industry and technical rooms. Excellent parameters combined with its quality increases work safety and allow significantly minimize costs.

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Geberit is a company that creates sanitary technology. Currently, it has 29 factories around the world, together with a network of warehouses. Some of them are located in Poland, and we equipped them with new luminaires with an intelligent control system. As the sustainable development is one of the company's core values, their goal is to reduce water consumption and use only energy-saving installations and modern logistics systems. Geberit was looking for a way to reduce energy consumption and improve the working conditions for employees in their warehouses in Włocławek. We carried out an audit and interviews with decision-makers, and we offered a system of luminaires adapted to the company's needs, which was then implemented in their warehouses, cross-docks and technical warehouses.

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