A dedicated LED fixture for breeding facilities. Thanks to LEDs emitting light in a red spectrum invisible to animals, it allows work without disturbing their rest and causing stress.

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Red light luminaire for animal husbandry


Luminaires for husbandry facilities


Hybrid luminaire system
combines ambient lighting with
red inspection light
by a system of white-light and red LEDs.

Ultima LED AGRO is a specialized fixture designed for breeding facilities, available in four power versions ranging from 52W to 130W. It utilizes LEDs emitting red light, invisible to animals, allowing work during their rest without causing stress. The fixture boasts an IP65 protection rating, a hybrid lighting system – both natural and red inspection, and a luminous efficacy of white light up to 160lm/W. Its high impact resistance up to IK10, ease of installation, and three different photometric spreads with two dedicated diffusers make it highly functional. Additionally, the product offers DALI control options.

Remember to consult a veterinarian and determine the correct light intensity for your farm animals; poor or strong light can be harmful.

Available in different configurations

Available options:

DALI controls

On/Off control

Maximum white light luminous efficacy up to 160 lm/W
High impact resistance rated at IK10 or IK06
Hybrid light system with red and white-light LEDs
A source of comfortable light which favours good growth of animals
Animal husbandry facilities; poultry, cattle and swine rearing
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A hybrid system of general lighting and red inspection light

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The Ultima LED AGRO luminaire is designed to improve the living conditions of reared animals and the comfort of animal husbandry work. Caring for optimum light intensity in the husbandry of cattle, milk cows, swine and poultry is beneficial to the welfare of the animals and improves the production output.

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