Energystraightfrom the sun

Natural savings for your company.

There have been numerous crucial changes in the use of renewable energy sources in recent years. We use them more and more often, recognizing huge financial savings. Did you know that energy bills in your company can be lower by even 80% owing to solar energy?

Luxon Photovoltaics

See how to save even 90% on energy cost.

Photovoltaics for industry.

14% returnon investmentper year

The sun is an inexhaustible source of energy from which you can reap measurable benefits!

How is electricity made from solar energy? How does photovoltaics work? Photovoltaic cells forming solar modules are the most important element of the installation. The phenomenon of transformation of solar energy into direct current takes place in them. The semiconductor material used to make the cells generates electricity owing to the effects of solar radiation. Photovoltaic modules are connected and form a photovoltaic panel, thereby powering the inverter. The current from the modules is transferred to the inverter. There, it is transformed into alternating current.

Your companyusesits owngreen energy

The generated energy is used to meet the demand of your company. What about the excess energy produced?

What happens to the spare energy? Bidirectional counter is another element of the system. It measures the bidirectional current flow. In practice, it means that the counter measures how much electricity the installation has produced and how much energy has been taken from the power grid. If we have a surplus of electricity, we sell it to the grid operator.

Let's build your private micro power plant! Choose one type.

The first type of photovoltaic installation


The second type of photovoltaic installation


On-grid installation – electricity obtained from solar energy is passed on to the power grid. Owing to this, the system earns its keep. If you collect your energy, the supplier charges 40% of the value as storage fee.

  • The power grid is energy storage.
  • Possibility of selling surplus energy
  • Fastest return on investment

Off-grid is a system that is not connected to the public power grid. The energy generated by the panels is stored in batteries, which are the energy carrier. These elements distinguish the off-grid system from the on-grid system.

  • Energy independence
  • No impact of the distribution grid on the operation of the installation
  • Autonomous energy source

We have supported the environment and entrepreneurs for years

We have promoted energy-saving solutions for many years. Since 2008, we are involved in the production of LED lighting for industrial use. Photovoltaic installation perfectly fits into the concept of our activity – generating savings for industry, increasing work comfort and safety.

How much energy will yourpower plant generate?

Possibilities of photovoltaic installation

The amount of energy generated by the photovoltaic installation depends both on its size and on the panel mounting location. If they are facing south and are at a 30 degree angle, then in such conditions one 1 kWp of the photovoltaic installation is able to generate approx. 900–1100 kWh of power per year. Calculation of energy demand and consumption for each individual company lets us prepare an installation corresponding to the specific needs of your business.

Calculate the power of your installation

See the calculator of insolation in your region.


Ask for details of the offer for your company.

Jarosław Małyszko
R&D Engineer

1. Verification of energy needs

Let's talk about your needs, expectations and objectives related to the change of energy source in your company.

2. Design preparation

We will offer you a tailor-made design that suits your needs.

3. Selection of components

We implement the investment using well-proven components of reputable brands only.

4. Financing

You will get comprehensive substantive and technical support at every stage of order processing.

5. Installation

You will get comprehensive substantive and technical support at every stage of order processing.

6. Service

We guarantee financial security of investments, we help in obtaining EU financing and advise on issues of investment financing.


We are going to prepare a design and offer of your photovoltaic installation free of charge.
Please provide necessary information and see how much you can gain!


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