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Highest performance even at high temperatures

Ultima LED DBL HPTAn industriual luminaire for high bay warehouses and production processing rooms. Modular design, resistance to high ambient temperatures, IP65, low glare, two photometric distribution patterns, scalability, and easy installation – these are only some of the features of this product. The luminaire is designed for operation at ambient temperatures up to 70°C. Available in a version with DALI control

Available in different configurations

Available options:

DALI controls

Quick connector

Low Unified Glare Rating for comfortable use.
High luminous efficacy: up to 159 lm/W.
Anodized aluminium enclosure optimises heat dissipation.
Working temperature up to 70°C.
Warehouse rooms, Industrial process rooms, Warehouse aisles, Open spaces
Technology and certifications

-50 %

Power consumption savings at almost 50% with the luminous flux 2.5 times higher.

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“The biggest challenge was to design the lighting so as to maintain the required intensity at two working heights, despite the changing conditions in the hall in the form of rotation of wagons and changing distances between them.”


Mateusz Foryś
Technical Support Engineer

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The technology ensures a low UGR in warehouses and production rooms

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The Ultima LED luminaire is designed to improve the safety and comfort of work inhigh bay warehouses and production rooms. Optimum illumination on the floor lever and of the racks requires controlled glare in these locations.

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VDE certification for the enterprise – we have it at Luxon!

Company development is a continuous process of identifying areas for improvement. These include increasing employee comfort, or introducing new products, but also maintaining production processes at a high level. This is achieved through the use of appropriate schemes.

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Instalacja fotowoltaiczna i oświetlenie LED do hali produkcyjnej

Modern photovoltaic system and new LED lighting with intelligent control system for Gebhardt-Stahl Polska

A comprehensive solution combining the generation of electricity from the company's own photovoltaic power plant and installation of modern LED lighting to improve comfort at workstations were the key objectives of the investor from the outset. Moreover, our objective was to reduce the energy consumption for lighting at the production and storage hall along with a quick return on the investment.

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