An industrial luminaire designed specifically for places requiring the highest sterility, such as laboratories or pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Its unique diffuser is resistant to strong chemicals.

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Smart LED Clean 3.0

Designed for clean room, laboratory and production hall.


Industrial luminaires

Smart LED Clean 3.0

Maintaining high standards.

Introducing Smart LED Clean 3.0 – an innovative industrial luminaire designed specifically for high-sterility environments such as laboratories or pharmaceutical manufacturing. Its unique diffuser is resistant to strong chemicals, ensuring reliability in the most demanding conditions.


The luminaire seamlessly integrates into hermetic Clip-In ceilings but also offers surface mounting options. With a power of 37W and an efficiency of up to 155 lm/W, Smart LED Clean 3.0 provides optimal lighting while being energy-efficient. Its high resistance to water and dust, certified by IP65, makes it perfect for places where cleanliness is paramount.


Available in three color temperatures (3000K, 4000K, and 5000K), the fixture features a diffuser made of tempered glass, ensuring top-notch light quality. Additionally, it offers three beam angles, allowing tailored lighting solutions. Its steel housing, powder-coated in RAL9016, combines aesthetics with durability. And with DALI protocol control, Smart LED Clean 3.0 is not just functional but also smart.

Available in different configurations

*Depending on the lens used, the power of the light beam changes.

Available product options:

DALI controls

Clip-in mounting

Power Supply ON / OFF

Transparent tempered glass diffuser

5-year warranty

Recessed mounting or surface mounting

Protection class IP65
A wide range of glass diffusers
Housing made of powder-coated steel in RAL9016
Two types of mounting: recessed mounting or surface mounting
Laboratories, Clean rooms, Industrial halls, Hospitals
Technology and certifications

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Technology inside Smart Clean LED 3.0
is designed for sterile
work conditions.

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Smart LED Clean 3.0 is a luminaire designed for rooms where it is essential to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and excellent visibility: specialised scientific research, production of computer processors, drug production. specialised scientific research, production of computer processors, drug production.

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