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Evenly-illuminated space of the facility.

Schwarte is one of the European leaders in the field of production of tanks and storage equipment. The company has two plants in Poland: in Olsztyn and Koszalin (West Pomeranian Voivodeship). Schwarte employs over 250 employees in both locations. For the sake of their work comfort, the plant in Olsztyn was modernized, including the external area. Highbay:LED luminaires were mounted there evenly illuminated the plant’s space.

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A4 lighting upgrade

Upgrading the lighting on the A4 motorway

In cooperation with ZABERD, we have equipped a section of the A4 motorway in Opole Voivodeship with new LED lighting. Cooperation with a partner that comprehensively deals with the maintenance and construction of road infrastructure has resulted in the upgrade of LED luminaires and increased safety on a motorway with a high accident rate.

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Wyzwania związane z używaniem opraw LED w trudnych środowiskach

What are the most common problems and challenges of using LED luminaires in harsh environments?

It is common in industrial lighting to install LED luminaires in harsh environments. The diversity of industries has to do with the multitude of factors that affect the quality and correctness of lighting systems.

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