Pryzmat Sp. z o.o.

185 lm/W luminaires for Pryzmat

Pryzmat is a recognizable brand on the Polish market, it produces toners and printer inks. In the headquarters in Wrocław, Luxon LED conducted the modernization of lighting. The lighting design included hermetic Industrial:LED luminaires with high luminous efficacy of over 185 lm/W.

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interior lighting audit

Illuminance measurement as an integral part of the lighting audit

The replacement of existing luminaires is preceded by an audit, which consists of the measurement of illuminance. This is a critical part of the the replacement of light sources with LED luminaires.

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bezprzewodowy system sterowania w hali produkcyjnej

Why choose a wireless control system for a production hall?

When it comes to LED lighting, wireless shop floor control is a cost-saving feature. However, this is not the only advantage of using this type of solution.

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