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Toledo LED
The best luminaire for highways
with ENEC certification.


Street lighting luminaries

Toledo LED

Road safety
depends on the lighting
as well.

Toledo:LED is an ENEC-certified luminaire for all types of roads and highways requiring high light intensity. It is equipped with the AstroDIM function and a number of specially designed lenses that guarantee optimal light distribution. It is equipped with the AstroDIM function and a number of specially designed lenses that guarantee optimal light distribution.

Product Available in multiple configurations

Toledo technical drawing
The ENEC certificate guarantees the quality of the Toledo LED luminaire.
Possibility of using different optics, which enables to shape the photometric body.
High resistance to corrosion and other atmospheric factors.
Fast and convenient assembly of the luminaire
Motorways, Expressways, Municipal roads, Urban roads, Outdoor square
Technology and Certifications

Ensuring optimal visibility on trunk road.


How to increase road safety and ensure uniformity of lighting?

-1440 W

Lower energy consumption in comparison with the previous lighting design.

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“Choosing the right optics made it possible to reduce the number of luminaires mounted on polearms and expand the illuminated area, yet sustain the parameters specified in the standards.”


Piotr Nakonieczny,
Lighting consultant at Luxon LED

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Toledo LED has received
Toledo LED has received the European ENEC certificate

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Toledo:LED was designed to improve the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Thanks to the most modern components, the luminaires are marked by optimal intensity and light distribution.

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New lighting on the S6 expressway on the Baltic Coast

The S6 expressway lighting is another project we completed together with Apanet - a company that provides innovative lighting control systems. Upon their recommendation, we were contacted by Arkowar - a company from Warsaw and the subcontractor of the project, specializing in the implementation of projects in the field of design, construction, modernization, and electrical works.

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Our cooperation with PEC in Poland was a consequence of the necessity to modernize the plant’s lighting system. PEC is a leading supplier of thermal energy in the city; it employs over 100 employees and has 14 local gas boiler rooms. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly company - the share of renewable energy sources in heat production is 33.9%.

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