Highbay LED

Optimal lighting
for production plants.


Industrial luminaires

Highbay LED

Replaces traditional
highbays 1:1,
generating up to 70% savings.

Highbay:LED is equipped with an optical system, thanks to which it can be used at very high altitudes. The extraordinary efficiency of the Highbay:LED luminaire in conjunction with dedicated optics allows you to reduce the number of luminaires and obtain a quick return on investment.


Highbay LED It is a product entirely designed by Luxon LED company and produced in Poland.

Product Available in multiple configurations

Available options:


8 years warranty

10 years warranty

PRO: -35°C/+70°C (I,II)
-35°C/+65°C (III)
-35°C/+60°C (IV)

High luminous efficacy guarantees maximal energy savings.
Available with control system for even higher savings and building management comfort.
Original design ensures effective heat dissipation.
Long lifetime of components – 100 000 h.
Warehouse halls, Industrial halls, High heights, High stream, Open spaces
Technology and Certifications

Illuminate the workstation from a height.


How to effectively illuminate a room from a height of 16 meters?

1 year

Return on investment in one year thanks to accurate selection of lenses and warranty.

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“Extending the warranty period to 8 years is the best proof that new luminaires and lenses will work in demanding conditions.”


Teresa Tybuszewska,
Sales Manager Luxon LED

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Highbay LED – the greatest R&D challenge at Luxon LED

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Our goal was to create a product, that will be unbeatably effective – we are aware that savings on energy consumption are important to our clients.

What is iot? Read about our modern LED technology

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