Producer from the pharmaceutical industry

What did we offer to the producer from the pharmaceutical industry

Producer of non-prescription drugs. They started their activity in the United States. They have units in Lithuania, Ukraine and Bulgaria. Producer is behind such brands as Apap, Ibuprom or Gripex. Smart:LED luminaires were used to illuminate the rooms (their current equivalent is Edge:LED).

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Jak wybrać prawidłową barwę światła na halę produkcyjną

How to choose the right light colour for a production hall?

The distinguishing feature of any luminaire is its light colour. It is defined by the colour temperature expressed in Kelvins (K). The visual effect it causes can also be attributed to this value.

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oznaczenia opraw oświetleniowych

Luminaire markings – what you need to know?

Various symbols are placed on every luminaire. They indicate the purpose of the luminaire and its specific parameters, including ingress protection rating, resistance class, certificates and declarations.

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