Modern system

for lighting monitoring and control

The EnCore system combines Bluetooth wireless lighting control functionality with the visualisation of luminaires in your facility, energy consumption measurements and failure reports. With this combination, you can monitor and manage your lighting system from anywhere while keeping the amount of equipment and cabling installed to a minimum.

What is the system

Luxon EnCore is the response to comprehensive energy efficiency monitoring for industry. The EnCore platform is a cloud-based system for integrating loT solutions based on a scalable loT framework. Luxon’s EnCore platform is the response to an emerging trend in the lighting industry . Its functionality is sure to put your business on a new growth path.

Control lighting from multiple devices

The EnCore platform is designed to conveniently manage lighting infrastructure, assets and customers. We have used proven technology from Casambi for this, giving us a great deal of freedom in designing the optimal control system.

Lighting status information

With the platform, you will have constant access to detailed status information on the assets registered in the system. You can access the platform from a device with a web browser and internet access.

Combination of 3 components

Modern system

for lighting



Casambi technology, based on the wireless medium, is the core of the entire product ecosystem. All Casambi products, are 100% compatible together.

Powerful IoT platform

for data



Intuitive user interface and recognised ISO standards for software development and security assurance.

Dedicated controllers

for demanding users


Multifunctional and modular industrial measurement controllers.

Reduce energy cost
by up to 91%

Find out how much you could save by replacing your lighting with LEDs. Request a free audit to receive a calculation on savings and a concept for your individual lighting solution.

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What you gain from the system

Reports on electricity consumption and CO2 emissions

The platform provides comprehensive, real-time electricity consumption and CO2 emissions data as well as reporting on savings from a lighting upgrade.

Warranty time usage report

All luminaires connected to Encore report their status in real time. Based on that, the system calculates the consumption of the luminaires against the contracted guarantee period.

New event reports

The platform has an extensive alarm definition and reporting module to respond to system anomalies in real time and plan service downtime.

Why work with




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on the market

Our long-standing experience ensures the top quality of our solutions!

Quick return on investment

We have designed our products to generate the fastest possible return on investment. Luxon LED luminaires are characterised by high luminous efficacy (up to 197 lm/W) and long service life. Therefore, you can be sure that we will provide your company with the most effective solutions on the lighting market.

Savings calculation and audit

With these, you will receive a report that shows how much you will save during the warranty period. We base this on tangible figures that are the result of an audit and discussions with the customer.

Dedicated account manager and designers

We will guide you through the process. Our dedicated account manager and designers give you peace of mind and control over every stage of the service. You work on a 1:1 basis, meaning it is your adviser who takes care of all the paperwork and is a source of knowledge about the whole process.

Levels of knowledge

We provide our customers with the knowledge in a clear and accessible way, so they can make informed decisions and choose the best solution. We advise you on which parameters to look for when comparing offers for lighting upgrades, so that you can bring in the best solution.

Key features of the platform

Quick system
design and quotation

With the benefits of a wireless infrastructure and access to off-the-shelf solutions from the Casambi ecosystem, we significantly reduce investment preparation time.

Quick installation
and customer onboarding

All luminaires and other system components only require a power connection and automatically form a communication network, and commissioning can proceed together with the installation work.

Friendly user interfaces

Both, the control system and the monitoring platform have specially developed context menus to perform individual functions of a specific user level.

Automatic monitoring and reports

An advanced reporting and presentation module minimises the time spent on monitoring. In addition, the controllers have the ability to measure other parameters important to the customer

Free investment calculation

Find out how much you can gain by upgrading your lighting to LEDs with the EnCore monitoring and control system.

Request a free project calculation and we will make one for you:

  • free lighting audit
  • concept for your individual lighting solution with control,
  • financial analysis of your investment,
  • estimated electricity and CO2 emission reductions.


Project funded by the European Union

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