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Save right away, here and now without any cash outlays!

Luxon Light Lease is instalment financing of Luxon LED products matched to your capacities. The Luxon Light Lease offer allows you to generate savings on the first day of starting our devices in your company. We know how important development is for you, which is why we offer your company a solution that generates savings and at the same time leaves Capex funds for other investments. The instalment for our solutions will cost you less than the value of your savings on electricity!

Luxon Light Lease

Save on energy

Terms and conditionsof lease

Our luminaires illuminate the biggest industrial companies in the country and in Europe. Owing to Luxon Light Lease, each company will be able to modernise lighting with small financial outlay. We offer our clients convenient leasing periods from 36 to 120 months. Possibility of own contribution from 0 to 40%, and after the end of the period the option of buying back from 1%.

Leasing Period

Annual interest rate

Interest rate

Own contribution

Purchase for

from 36 to 120 months



from 0% to 40%

from 1% to 20%

Three steps to savings

1. Talk to a specialist

Having received an offer for our products, with Luxon Light Lease, you just need to talk to our financing specialist who will guide you throughout the process. During the conversation, she/he will ask you for the information necessary to prepare the application for you.

2. Wait for the decision

The Lessor will review your application in three days. You will be informed about the decision immediately. Based on our offer and evaluation of your company, they will determine the minimum amount of own contribution

3. Start saving

Now you just need to sign the agreement and pay own contribution. We will deliver and install the luminaires and optional automation – you start saving from now on. Isn’t that easy? The luminaires are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty throughout the entire financing period.

Despite the instalments, you stillgenerate surplus!

After the end of the lease period, your monthly savings increase – you don’t have to pay instalments any more

Benefits foryour company

1. The tax itself is divided into instalments – just like the lease instalments

When using the lease, you have the right to deduct income tax. The tax itself is divided into instalments – just like the lease instalments.

2. Fixed interest rate

When signing the agreement, you can be sure that the interest rate and instalments are fixed throughout the whole lease period.

3. Instalment lower than generated savings

When using Luxon Light Lease, instalments paid by you can be lower than generated savings on electricity

4. Free investment funds

Owing to the lease, you still have the possibility to invest money in developing your own business.

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Parametry finansowania (opcjonalne)

Parametry finansowania (opcjonalne)
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* Przedstawiona kalkulacja ma charakter poglądowy i nie stanowi oferty handlowej w rozumieniu Art.66 par.1 Kodeksu Cywilnego.

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