The Redeco sports centre consists of several sport and recreation facilities such as tennis courts, squash courts and swimming pools. They are located in Wroclaw. The centre does not only shares it’s space, but also conducts training and organizes commercial tournaments. In order to make playing more comfortable for Redeco’s clients, they decided that the lighting over the courts will be modernized (traditional fluorescent luminaries will be replaced by more advanced technology).

Modernization benefits

Ikona 5 lat gwarancji na oświetlenie - Luxon LED

60 months warranty

Znaczek oszczędności na oświetleniu 42% - Luxon LED

Annual energy savings after modernization

Ikona Oświetlenie o natężeniu 300 luksów - Luxon LED

300lx lighting intensity

Assumptions and needs

The customer also considered other light sources than LED luminaries. The main assumption and the aim of the project was to improve the lighting parameters on the court and to reduce the glare effect (UGR). Low level of glare is very important when it comes to designing the lighting of sports facilities due to the fact that the high level of glare causes discomfort and makes playing more difficult – the light may hurt the players in the eyes.

It is a conscientious company, which bears full responsibility for implementing the commitments and meeting the conditions of the contract. We recommend Luxon as a reliable and trustworthy producer

Rafał Paluch


LED – Savings and excellent color reproduction

Four tennis courts owned by Redeco are lighted by Luxon LED luminaries. The cooperation began with the audit and the process of collecting data needed for implementing the project. New luminaries were hanged in the same spots as the existing ones, and were put on the project. Used luminaries: Highbay series – 120W and 3000K color temperature – as well the Baltic series in Plus variant – 58W and 4000K color temperature. Thanks to the use of milk diffuser, the light has suitable intensity of 300lx and there is a low level of glare. All luminaries are covered under 5-year warranty.

What did the client gain?

  • higher comfort level of the customers

  • 5-year warranty

  • better lighting parameters while maintaining a low glare level

  • reduction of energy consumption by 42%

Investment after modernization

The project was challenging mainly because of the structure of the roof – it was a tent. We had to arrange luminaires in an arch so that the light intensity on the court will be appropriate

Miniatura zdjęcia Rafała Wdowikowskiego - Luxon LED

Rafał Wdowikowski

Technical support manager LuxonLED

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