Industrial:LED luminaires in the storage parts

BSH is one of the largest manufacturers of household devices. The company has 42 production facilities around the world and employs over 62,000 workers. Luxon LED illuminated the plants in Wrocław and Łódź. In the storage part, Industrial:LED hermetic luminaires were used, which increased the light intensity there.

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Lumens to watts – how to convert the luminous flux?

The luminous flux of LED lighting is given in lumens. With traditional light sources, on the other hand, the luminous intensity was usually determined as the power they consumed in watts. To be able to at least compare the two sources to some extent, it is necessary to convert lumens to watts. Therefore, in this article we address this issue.

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What is BMS?

BMS is an acronym that stands for Building Management System. It controls multiple technical functions of a building and its immediate surroundings.

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